In the present, understanding how to make use of gb whatsapp is a piece of cake for a lot of. Particularly, those who have tried WhatsApp messenger before can easily grasp GBWhatsApp. Utilizing WhatsApp mods is easy however, not everyone is acquainted with the APKs. Many people believe that the modification of apps could lead to the removal of WhatsApp original app for life. This is not the case. The mods are independently developed and include new features.

The mods, especially GBWhatsApp have gained a lot of fame these days due to the features we've searched for in ordinary WhatsApp. But now that we have these features our lives have become a little more fun and private. However, there are many who have no experience with this and they aren't quite sure how to use it.

How to Use GBWhatsapp!

Utilizing the app isn't an issue; to be honest, it's extremely simple and wonderful certainly. We all have used WhatsApp at some point before, but we've switched to this fantastic application. In essence, the basics are exactly the same in both applications There aren't enough variations. This is why we need to learn the basics of using gb whatsapp!

Messages The app allows us to send messages to our contacts who use the app immediately. Simply search to find the contact, then send them the message. It could be the start of the conversation, or it could be a response to an urgent issue. There are also people who send pictures, videos, documents, Emojis, and lots of things. That's why it's quite simple.

Calls: Making calls is easy that, with the help of technology, we are able to be able to contact anyone we want. All that you need to do is open the tab, search for the name, and then you're done! Once you have made the call, it is easy to add another person by clicking the "+" button and make it an unison call. This is a wonderful thing, and we can have a blast with this.

Status: Status functions as an area where we look at what others would like to share. We can share videos, images, some text, or even links. So it is an easy method to stay connected with other users as well. We are aware of how much of frustration it is sending the same picture or video to the same people therefore why not use status to share the same thing? It's easy, and easy to communicate with.


These are the fundamental things that we will see on the application. If we're looking to understand how to use it, we just need to know these things and other features are explained through the app's settings. Therefore, you can explore the APK file on your own time and take advantage of all the features that we cannot use on the traditional WhatsApp.