Wild Rift: League of Legends for Everyone

On the PC side, Riot Games' League of Legends is the top MOBA across the globe for years, and now the highly anticipated mobile version Wild Rift: League of Legends for Everyone has entered soft launch mode and is getting ready for world market in 2021. The battle for this genre that has been sluggish but is heating up as we see the launch of this huge MOBA brand on mobile devices.

This post will focus on the soft launch version of League of Legends Wild Rift and how it compares to its mobile competitors.

League of Legends: Wild Rift's core gameplay

The classic competitive MOBA core gameplay is followed by Wild Rift: League of Legends for Everyone. The players are able to control their own specific champions of their own fighting monsters, as well as opponents' champions to increase their strength, while pushing and defending lanes leading to the match's climax - crushing the enemy base. The combat takes place in a format of 5-v-5, 3-lanes like LoL on PC. Wild Rift is true to its roots due to the identical gameplay elements, the same feel and refined style of art.

PvP games that are based on real-life battles against other players, demand a seamless and thrilling gameplay experience. Wild Rift is a very fluid MOBA experience. Riot has done an excellent job porting the controls for mobile players. The game is reminiscent of the first League of Legends, and the tweaks made to some mechanics (e.g. faster matches, switching from click-to-move to virtual joysticks, and a simpler user interface) are logical when playing in a mobile setting.

Wild Rift currently has three game modes: unranked and ranked PvP as well as a co-op mode vs. AI. The Ranked mode lets players to feel the progression between sessions and dynamic competition, as they move up through seasons. The ladder system provides special rewards and is essential in competitive PvP games. Players must be aware of how they stack up against others with regards to skill and performance.

Meta and Monetization

Wild Rift's meta-game is built around collecting champions and other ornamental items. Blue Motes, which are currency gained from playing matches and completing tasks, can be used to purchase champions. Wild Cores is a high-end currency that can only be bought using real money. Each champion is equipped with multiple intricate and vibrant decorative skins available for purchase with the Wild Cores.

The meta collectibles are augmented by small decoratives such as Champion Poses (shown prior and after matches) profiles, icons for profile and combat-related effects (e.g. custom recalls) (effect when you travel to your own base during a game). These collectibles can be earned by playing the game, accomplishing achievements, and participating in events, or purchased by using the special currency Poro Coins earned through daily activities and events.

There are also two gachas to be purchased: the Poro Chest (pool of icons, poses, etc.) The Random Skin Chest (energy bars that are filled with Poro Store purchases and reward a random champion skin when they're filled).

Through events with limited time and events with limited time, new Champions have been introduced often. These instances present new champions as well as their background story and give players the opportunity to earn them through completing the event.