Because AI is able to be applied properly, it is able to simultaneously let you access the "holy trinity" which is superior more efficient, quicker and less expensive. AI is an absolute game changer. There is no longer a need to choose either of these three benefits.

The advanced technology of the service desk can deliver similar results to a human, but in a blink of an eye. The cost of transactions can be cut to nearly zero with no human labour costs (after initial setup). Human error risk is reduced significantly when humans are eliminated from the delivery process. AI can create outcomes which are constantly fast, accurate and more efficient over time.

Service Desk: AI Use Cases

There are a growing amount of AI and automation use cases that are getting mainstream attention in IT Help Desk across the world. These are real-world applications of AI and intelligent automation that our customers use to improve the employee experience and performance of their IT Support teams.

AI Chatbots Delivering Virtual Service Agents (VSAs)

Chatbot-driven virtual service agent provides an automated, 24-hour, first-contact service to employees. Typically, they handle simple problems such as service requests, information queries. Chat can be conducted via text or through a voice-driven user interface. By integrating, the chatbot can access the FAQs, service catalogs, service status information, the knowledge base, and any other information in the assyst CMDB. It also allows integration with other platforms, such as Microsoft Teams.

AI-Driven Insights to Improve Delivery Teams

The assyst InfoZone is an intelligent aid for delivery teams that lives in the assyst ITSM Solution. It is a record-mining agent that performs real-time analysis of old records to find solutions and provide users of assyst with the information they require whenever they require it. The InfoZone is context-aware--it responds to the information users input to provide relevant information on the fly.

Automated Detect and Repair Resilient Infrastructure

The IT support artificial intelligence agents usually work for a long time addressing incidents that can be detected automatically and then resolved automatically. AI-powered event management allows assysts to detect infrastructure problems in real time, and trigger automated workflows to address the issue before IT customers become affected. AI excels in this area because it is able to handle much more information than humans could handle, and it is much more fast than a human.

Intelligent Ticket Handling

The organizations that manually route their incidents to teams are wasting time (and frequently make mistakes) in a simple task. Often, when there is a big backlog of tickets there can be a long wait or even days before tickets are delivered to the appropriate team or subject matter expert to take actions. The IT customer may still waiting, which could cause a decrease in productivity.

Trend Identification and Decision Assistance

AIs excel in mining data for valuable insights. They are able to connect the dots of a multitude of data points to quickly analyse vast and diverse datasets. AI can bring deep analytics - the stuff that was previously difficult or time-consuming -- into reach.

AI-Assisted Knowledge Management

Service desk representatives and other IT subject-matter experts frequently struggle to find time to make knowledge artifacts available to users to resolve their own issues. It's a catch-22 situation; they're too busy firefighting to stop and record the information that can help end the fighting.